Friday, June 11, 2010

A little bit of knitting and night lights

I had a couple of partial skeins of blue and white yarn, so I thought I would knit up a set of socks.
I was knitting a positive and a negative of each style, but unfortunately ran out of yarn before I could do a second stripe pair. I'm thinking they are pretty darn cute even if I did not get a 6th pair from the yarn I had.

On Thursday night Stan and I drove to Tacoma for our grandson Brandyn's graduation. Will write about graduates next week, after all of the ceremonies are complete. We live an hour and a half north of Tacoma on a good driving day. Since it has been raining so much, we decided to leave home earlier than usual. Consequently we were in the middle of the afternoon commute, but if we did not do that, we took the chance of something happening on the freeway and missing the graduation.
To entertain myself on the drive home, since it was dark I could not knit, I began taking pictures along the freeway.
All of these pictures are of one building. the first two as we were approaching it from the south. We were actually quite a ways from it when I took these pictures.

The next two were just a few feet from the building,

And the last two were as we passed it. I love the way the lights photographed in each frame.
I really need to learn how to take advantage of all of the settings on my camera, I know I am missing so much for not knowing. My learning style is one of someone demonstrating and explaining to me what each function is and my doing it as I am shown. I have the book, and I read it over and over, but I may as well be reading Greek. I keep watching in the catalogs that come out for extended learning for someone to offer a class on photography. When they do, I am hoping it will be at a time that I can fit it in. There was a class right before I went to Africa, but I just could not make the time frame work for me.
Never the less, I did have fun taking these, and until I can get some instruction, I will keep reading and experimenting:)


diddleymaz said...

Just loving the booties!my Mum in Law used to be able to knit both at the same time, two booties on one needle as they are so small, do you do that? Also have you seen my sewing project? No bad feelings but Im hoping we give the usa a hiding this pm, hope its a good game!

gramma2many said...

Did, I can, but I do not. It really is much easier as far as getting both the same size.
Not following the game at all, never have interested me. Of course in the spirit of sides, I will be happy to see the US give GB a hiding:)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Such sweet socks.

As for the camera. The shots had cool effects. I would love to take a photo class with you. I use my camera's options but I'm afraid I don't do it to it's fullest potential. I hate that some still come out a bit fuzzier than I would like.

Henya said...

The socks are very cute.
I love your freeway photos. Just shows that the beauty might be found in very unexpected places.


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