Friday, June 4, 2010

Frizzy at Heaven's Gift had this play along on her blog. I like playing, so I thought I would go along with hers.

I am.... loyal
I think.... Our Country is in major trouble.
I should... be more prayerful.
I dream.... about living in Africa.
I want.... to live a life that will always bring honor to my family.
I know... I need to spend more time in Bible.
I don't like... messes or dirt. (How do I ever think I could make it in Africa?)
I smell... furniture polish.
I hear.... the tv playing.
I fear....change.
I usually... knit every day.
I search...for what God would have me do.
I baby sister, Meg.
I always...go to bed very late at night.
I regret...not going to college before I got married.
I wonder... why?
I crave... sweets/carbs.
I remember... the joy of becoming a mother.
I need... to be loved.
I forget... where I put things.
I feel... content.
I can...not dance .
I can't... tell people no very easily.
I am happy... Dave,Tricia, and the boys will be home this summer.
I lose... things all of the time.
I sing... rarely. I sound like a cat wailing.
I listen... when it doesn't seem like I am.
I shop... sales.
I eat... when I'm stressed or sad.
I love...spending time with my family.
I wish....People would comment when they visit my blog. And that I knew who was visiting from India.

If you care to join in, just copy and paste this into your own blog and write in your own endings.


Frizzy and Bird said...

Oh OH! I have the answer to who was reading you in India. The same person is reading my blog. It's my brother! He's been back there working again. You probably won't have any further hits from there til July. He's flying home or should be home now.

I love your answers! Thanks for playing along.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I was wondering if it might be him.

Katidids said...

What a neat post! I like that your answers are so open and honest

Trish said...

I visited your blog.....and left a comment....and I might even play along. I like lists.
Love you!

Checks in the mail, along with some notes from Olivia and a coupon for a free box of Mac & the coupon in the mail, but can't get the mac & cheese here at our store.

diddleymaz said...

Interesting, why Africa? and another thing we have in common I find it hard to say no too,And wish I had finished my education! also though, I can and do sing(choir at church).Have been updating my blog please drop by I value your comments!


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