Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why the name?

I was thinking I should explain the name I chose for my blog. As I was contemplating what to write, I surfed a few other blogs and blog sites. I found one with the same name I am using. As I read hers, I was reading almost verbatim what I had thought to write to explain my choice.
My husband and I married almost 43 years ago when we were 19 years old. In the following nine years we had seven children. Six are living. We have a son who is 42 years old and five daughters who range from 41 years to 32 years. When we would venture out into public with all six in tow we would receive the usual comments, stares and questions. The most asked: "Are THEY ALL yours? "Yes," I would answer, "they are all mine." To which my husband would always add, "They are all mine also."
I would hear how someone would not be able to have a child because I had had so many. How selfish of me. Or that my children were breathing their air. Come to think of it, the person who made that comment did look like she was lacking oxygen at the time. HMMM I wonder.
Obviously, we did not plan to have seven children in the space of nine years, but we did plan to have six children. Each of our children was wanted and loved for the unique and special child they were and for the adult they have become. Would I do it over? In a heartbeat. I have never regreted nor have I ever been abshamed of my family.
I plan to introduce to each of them in the following posts. I also hope to introduce you to each of my grandchildren. I hope you will look forward to meeting all of us as we progress.
If you want a preview of what is to come, you can click onto my daughters blog address in the sidebar. From there you can visit two of her sisters in their blogs. I hope to have them linked to my blog soon, but until I do you can make connection as I said above. The blog you will visit first is A handful of life. From there you can go to her friend list and click onto Trish and Kris. Happy reading.


Trish said...

welcome to blog land! yay, i am the first to leave you a comment.

i can't wait to see what you have to say.

oh and thanks for not stopping at five kids. I love breathing other peoples air!

Love you!

Gina said...

Yes, Really. mom. THANK YOU FOR NOT STOPPING AT 5! (Since I'm #6)
By the way, my sisters are not Trish and Kris. They are "It's My Crazy Life And I Love It" and "What'cha Doin Now Kris"
Welcome to the nieghborhood, mom.


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