Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last week I

found a real neat book. It is called Sew-Easy Designer Bags & Totes. Published by House of White Birches. I bought it because with all of the push to go green and not use plastic bags when you go grocery shopping, I have been thinking of making some bags to use when I shop. I usually resist all of the push by environmentalists, but I kind of agree with them on this one. Before all of you get mad at me I DO LOVE MY PLANET!!!!!
I just do not like someone else telling me when I can cut down MY tree or what kind of light bulbs to use in MY home. Oops I do have a habit of digressing. Sorry. Any how, I bought this book. It has many styles of bags. The first one I made is this one. It is not a style to use for groceries, but I chose it because of the fabric I had on hand. Which were scraps from pillows I made for my yard swing last summer. See I do use up my excess. I did not go out and buy new to make the bag. Not for this one anyway. I thought it turned out kind of cute.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think your bag turned out cute, too!
Maybe you could make and sell different kinds of bags with profits going to help the refugees in Tanzania. Hmmm, just a thought.

Gramma 2 Many said...

You are so clever, I have thought of selling them!!!

Trish said...

Okay, so I swear that I saw apost on here last night about that angel food dessert that you make......what happened to it? I was thinking about making it this weekend.

The bag is cute.

You should make me a couple of cute grocery ones.
I started using the Fred Meyer ones last year and they are ugly. About a month ago I was walking out of the store with my eco-friendly bags and a complete stranger said to me "thank you for doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint." I almost barfed on them.

Gina said...

I want cute shopping bags- because we are past the need for Plastic bags to wrap diapers in before putting them in the trash- and they just pile up here now. I mean it's ok to have 10 or so on hand- but after that it gets kinda ridiculous. Oh, and I refuse to buy any bag that has an eco-slogan. Because , like Trish, I might have to barf on someone.

Therese said...

VERY cute! I may have to check out that book!

I am with all of you on not being told how I need to save the planet-cute grocery bags might be another story, though!

Pautlitz Blog said...

I saw a really good idea on the Martha Stewart website on making your own GREEN bags.

Take and old t-shirt. Cut the arms off to make it look like a tank top. turn the shirt inside out and sew the botton together. Cut along the neck line for a wider opening and there you have your very own GREEN bag. The sleeves are the handles.


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