Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A more recent family photo. This one was taken July 4, 2000. Pictured are Sebastian and Gina, Tricia and Dave, Stan, Karyn and Jon, Angie and David, across the back. In front are Bryan, Gramma2many, and Kris and Joe. We were having a great picnic at the beach until Kris and Joe's son fell off a tree stump and broke his arm. Our first family emergency. He wound up having to have surgery and two or three pins inserted in his arm. Am happy to say he healed quite nicely and there has been no problems with it.
I love it when my whole family is together. Lately, it seems we do not get to do it often enough. When we do I treasure every minute of our time together. We are hoping to spend some time together along the Oregon coast this summer. We have rented two three bedroom condo's for a week. Praying for good HOT weather for the week. The last time I was there the wind blew more than I liked, but the scenery was breathtaking. More on the trip after it happens.


Anonymous said...

Hot weather? Lotsa luck! We camped at Cape Kiwanda in August last year and it rained! Still had fun, though. That beach is one of our favorites--sandboarding on sand dunes and lots of sea critters in tide pools at low tide.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I know we will have fun, but I just am a warm weather girl. Do not do cold. My husband lives for winter and snow so he can spend every spare moment on the slopes. He never works Thursdays. Keeps it open for skiing. If I had my way I would be living in a far warmer climate. (Except for the kids, can't bear to be too far from the.

Therese said...

Thanks for sharing the picture! What a beautiful family!

Gina said...

That is a good picture of all of us. I think it may be time to do that again. I know I've had 4 kids since then.

Karen said...

I liked that you put names to all the faces, most of them I've never met!!
You must be proud!

Trish said...

Actually that was taken July of 1999 because I found out the next week that I was pregnant with Ben.

What is the dates of the beach trip this year?


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