Monday, March 11, 2013

When God places a storm in your life, He always sends a Rainbow

Our Rainbow, Isabella Katherine was born the day after He took her Aunt Kris into heaven with Him.
Two months and one day old.
She is a reminder and she also dulls the ache.
Her mommy went back to work today so she and I are attempting to establish who is in charge.
You may wonder why she is wearing a boys shirt.  I know, I know, you really can't tell in this picture. Daddy grabbed her and forgot the diaper bag.  So glad it was not the other way around.  Anyway, her cousin Jayce who is 8 months old went through his clothes that were a tad bit too small and brought them down.  He tried to pick out those that were not to boyish.
 In other news, Stan and I would like to have a piece of property on the East side of the Cascade mountains.  We often go over on Saturdays to see if there is anything we would like. These pictures were taken on Blewett Pass where we focused our search this time.
This rock is across the highway from a piece we went to look at. The kids would have a blast climbing it.

This is the stream that ran through the property that enticed us across the mountain this time.

But the piece was just to rough to try to find a spot to build on. We want some wilderness, but we want a flat building site.

We continued across the pass and turned up a road where we knew there is a small mining community called Liberty. 

There were several pieces of property up there that may work, depending on the price. The pictures here are just taken within the town.

On the way back out, I saw this stump. I believe the beavers were hard at work on this before someone ruined their fun with a chain saw.  I am sure they did not want the tree (s) falling across the highway. I am impressed with how far they got through the tree before man intervened.  The tree was laying on the ground beside this stump.

The sunset as we headed West across I-90 into Issaquah. 

The city of Bellevue as we merged from I-90 onto I-405 and headed north towards home.
This picture was taken at about 65 miles an hour through a very dirty windshield.

It was a productive day and we did find some property to check out. Maybe by summer we will be 
 property owners.


That corgi :) said...

Good luck in your property search; the area does look very scenic! I think you did great taking the picture of the city under those conditions.

what a precious little gift from God!! How neat you get to spend a lot of time with her!


Betsy said...

What an absolutely adorable baby. How blessed you are to see her often.

We travel Blewett Pass when we go to Leavenworth sometimes. Other visits we go p through George. It is beautiful in that area. Who knows? Maybe someday we'll actually meet.

Roslyn said...

A beautiful blessing Evie.


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