Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apparently today is World Down Syndrome day.

So, I thought I would re-introduce my precious Sister Miss Megan Marie Higgins
She went to heaven on January 31, 1999. Our family jokes she was not Y2K compliant. She left us just before midnight.
She was so amazing and I feel sorry for people who see a flawed person instead of the beautiful woman she was. She was smart, funny, sensitive and in our eyes beautiful.
She has been gone for 13 years but she is forever in our hearts.
I know you are dancing in the middle of one of those golden streets while Mama  watches. I'll bet you have even gotten Kris to join you in your dance of joy.
We love you Miss Meg and are counting the days until we see you again.


That corgi :) said...

What a sweet sister!! I didn't know today was National Down Syndrome until my niece posted something about it on FB. I absolutely adore my 33 y/o nephew with Down syndrome. He puts me to shame with the scripture he knows and can interpret them. He is truly a gift from God as your sister was :)


Betsy said...

She's beautiful!

Roslyn said...

I know that Megan must have been a very sweet lady, Evie.

gayle said...

She looks so sweet and I am sure you do miss her so much!


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