Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One thing I can say about my life is that

I am rarely bored.
A week ago Sunday, I decided to make potato salad for dinner. I put the potatoes and eggs on to boil and went downstairs to change my laundry around.  I was only down there for a minute or two when I started hearing a buzzing noise.  I stood and listened for a while trying to figure it out.  It kept getting louder and louder. I turned my washer off thinking maybe something was wrong with it, but the buzzing continued and grew louder.  I figured out it was coming from upstairs, still not knowing what it was, I started up the stairs to investigate. Just as I got to the landing, there was a bright flash and a loud popping sound. This is what I found in my kitchen.

 The burner had burned all the way through and exploded throwing pieces of it over about a four foot area.  If you look closely at the burner, you can see about 1.5 inches that is totally burned off and then the ring is melted half way through the second third of the burner.
                                                               Burning my floor. There are a total of 17 burns. These are two of the four worst ones.

And melting my pot to the burner.
The insurance adjuster came on Friday. He measured my entire house.  Apparently they pay to have the entire floor refinished because it is so hard to match an existing finish. That is my kitchen, dining room, living room, hall and master bedroom.
We are going to replace the stove.  I have been wanting to convert to gas. It is already piped into the house as the heat and hot water are gas. In fact there is a valve in place for hooking up a range. We think we have found what we want at Judd and Black.
A new set of pots at Costco is $175.00. Replacing what I had. Same brand.  I am not sure I will buy exactly the same set, but that is what they cost.
We did not think to mention, and I hope they realize that we cannot stay in the house when the floors are being refinished, so there will also be the cost of lodging and meals.
Who would have ever thought it would be so involved? I certainly did not.  Goes to show how much I know.
We are waiting now for the Insurance Company to give us a settlement amount.  Hope we do not have to negotiate with them.  Hope they just give us enough to take care of everything.
Poor Pepper, it scared her to death. Not literally, but she shook for at least two hours. She would not let me put her down and when Stan came home she wanted him to hold her. Any loud noises this past week sent her over the edge.  Even the toaster popping up made her nervous.  She is better now and back to lounging on the couch.


That corgi :) said...

Wow, that was really weird! I wonder what caused the burner to do that? Glad no one got hurt in the process! Hopefully the putting it back together process won't be too bad!


Betsy said...

Oh my goodness! That must have been scary for you AND the dog! I'm so happy that this was the extent of the damage and a fire didn't start. But you're right, who would have thought the cleanup would be this extensive?
I'm so happy that you are all okay.

Roslyn said...

A blessing you weren't in the room Evie or those pieces would have made holes in your skin, wow.


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