Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week Seven Chemo Buddy and a note from Kris.

Went to the oncologist today for the results of the scan yesterday. He came in smiling claiming to have only good news. The larger tumors are responding well to the chemo and have shrunk by about 2/3. The Dr is suggesting a procedure that will drain off the water on the lung and then attach the lung back to the walls, then the water won't continue to pool. Please pray for wisdom in what to do.
This is Angie Cope, her favorite sister reporting from Port Orchard ;)

I think this Chemo Buddy reflects our opinion of Cancer more than any of the others:)


Frizzy said...

LOVE CALVIN AND HOBBS! Love that shot of him even more with the wonderful news you all received.

Prayers while you make further choices on tx and the surgery.

glenda regan said...
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