Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rafting down the Tieton

Stan, Sebastian and some of the Grands made a final raft trip of the summer a couple of weeks ago.
They went down the Tieton river in Eastern Washington, near Yakima. The Tieton is fed by Rimrock Dam.  Every day water is released from the dam and sent down the river to be used by farmers to irrigate their orchards.  It's secondary use is:
The beginning of the trip.  Fairly calm, but looking at the upcoming rapids.

They are hitting the rapids here.  Everyone needs to be in their place and doing their jobs.

I am a little jealous of them, but do not go on these trips with them because although I enjoy the water, I am overly nervous when the kids are there.  I ruin all of the fun for everyone.  They go and tell me all about their close calls when they get home.

As they maneuvered their way through the rapids and between the rocks,

Brystan spotted the camera person who films the rafters as they go downriver.
He raised his ore in a sign of victory.  They had conquered the rapids.

His Uncle Sebastian had to tell him to put his ore back in the water and row.

It wasn't much later that they hit another rough spot.  Here Sebastian is flying out of his seat

As the rest of the crew flew about the raft,

Laureen went flying out.

Sebastian is checking on her and giving her instructions for coming back aboard.

Getting Laureen back into the raft.  As Sebastian helps her in, everyone else has a job to do to keep the raft  stable.

In the last leg of the trip, they hit another rough spot.

Stan was pretty sure they would all swamp this time.

The calm after the storm.
The tired crew.
Granddaughter Amanda, Grandson Brystan, Stan, Son in law Sebastian, Laureen, who is a Massage Therapist in Stan's office and Grandson Cannyn.

Maybe I will go on one of the trips.  But only if there are no children along.  I really am not any fun when I am constantly worrying about what might happen.


Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

Cool.. literally, looks cold. And, fun.

WomanHonorThyself said...

woooooooooo I would fret too girl!..xxooo Have an awesome Sunday my friend~! :-)


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