Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Reading List

If you have not visited the fun blog listed on my side bar, it is time. It is called BlogTrotting.
They are having a great time connecting other bloggers and allowing each a moment to shine and showcase their little corner of the world.
Currently, they are asking us to share our summer reading list with them. I do very little leisure reading, but I will share with you what I hope to finish this summer.
1. The Overton Window. A novel by Glenn Beck.
I bought it two weeks ago, but Jesse took it home to read it so I have to get it back from him. I do want to read it before I go to Washington DC in August.

2. Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin. I first became aware of Michelle when she lived and worked in Seattle for the Seattle Times. Michelle is the founder of two of the Internet's top conservative blogs, and Michelle tells it like it is with absolutely no pandering.

3. Courage and Consequence by Carl Rove. I am about 1/4 of the way into this book. It has been put aside though because of the painting and because it seems that if I sit down with empty hands, my knitting needles seem to find their way into them. Really, I need to finish this one.

4. Finally, Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity. I think this man is a true American Patriot.
For years, he has been sponsoring concerts every summer. All of the proceeds from these concerts go into an account to pay for education of the children of our fallen warriors. Some day, God willing,I will be able to attend one of his concerts.

I know, probably to many this is a boring list, but it is my list and I am sticking to it:)


Therese said...

Love the list-they are actually on my to-read list. I also just downloaded Atlas Shrugged on my kindle.

Gardenia said...

sounds like a very good list. I want to get the last one for sure.


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