Friday, July 2, 2010

Stan"s Day off

Our walls on Wednesday night.

Thursday Morning Stan started priming. It was actually a pretty shade of gray.

By afternoon he was painting. I started helping at this point, doing some of the cutting for him

Before we took the tape and paper off. We were actually still painting the other wall.

Two walls finished and I love it!!
We still have not found the perfect color for the other walls and this weekend, I am sure we wil prime and paint the living room side of the wall with the door way in it.
We brought home a taupe, but it just was not right so went back for more color swatches tonight. We will definitely know when we have found it though:)
Stan cracked a good one while he was up on the ladder. With the straightest of straight faces he said to me, "Our taxes went up on the house." As I was blustering about how can they in this economy, he said, "Yeah, they said something about reading about all of the improvements on Face Book."
He does have a good one at times:)


Homestay Mama said...

Wow, that room 'pops" now! :-)
Love the black, red and white together! But then of course I'd love it--those are the colors I decorated my living room with. :-)

Trish said...

Looks pretty.

But I really like that picnic basket on top of your cabinets. Can I have it back?

Frizzy and Bird said...

LOVE IT! I hope I'll get to see it in real life someday. We'll be in Seattle for Christmas this year. Hint Hint Hint. LOL

Lindsay said...

You guys did great work! Why is it that I liked the primer, too??? Love the red and the cabinets together :) Happy 4th of July Evy!

Roslyn said...

You are making good progress Evy doesn't it feel terrific?

Debby said...

I really really really like the colors...beautiful. And Stan's comment was a good one!

sherri said...



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