Friday, July 9, 2010


We are making some paint progress.
Thursday's are one of Stan's days off, so yesterday, in spite of the 90+ weather, we did a little painting.
The first three pictures are of our living/dining room and the last two are still in the kitchen. The red is the same red we used in the kitchen.
Since this is mainly a large open space with just a short division wall between the kitchen and living/dining room, I want to use the same paint throughout.
The wall behind both of the tables are the same color. It is called Sand.
The ceiling and all other walls are painted a lighter shade of sand. We have a little of it on the wall and ceiling in the living/dining room.
I have to say, I absolutely love the colors and am very anxious to finish the job. The ceiling is a huge job, but maybe we can get it finished this weekend. After we finish the paint, we will be replacing all of the trim. So far, we are planning to paint it the light sand color.
Maybe I will be able to post "finished" paint pictures by Monday.


Homestay Mama said...

Ooooh does that look wonderful! Excellent choice of colors! Love it!

P.S. My corkscrew willow is putting out roots now. It lost all it's leaves, though! :-)

Therese said...

How beautiful! What rich colors! Hope to see it in person sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

OOOhh lovely very sophisticated and elegant.

gayle said...

I love the colors!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I'm packing my things now.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I will clean the bedroom, Friz:)

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

ooooooh! VERY pretty! Me likey!

Anonymous said...

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