Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday I asked if there was anything sweeter than

A two year old. The answer? No, there isn't, but there are some who are equally sweet or cute~
Such as Jonah, performing in his Preschool concert

And graduating from Preschool
Or his sister Elizabeth,
Performing for the second year in the Snohomish County All School Choir.
Yes, they are equal to the two year old:)


Tatersmama said...

They're ALL sweet and it's a blessing that they have their own difference brands of sweetness, no matter what the age.

Someone asked me this morning how I could love all my little day care kids - even the hard to handle ones, and my answer was simple. Because each and every one of them bring something special to "my" life. Even the ones who are a little harder to love, are still a gift from God.

Katidids said...

Grat Pics! I love ooking back thru your blog as watching these sweeties grow up....and it happens all to fast!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I just love how you honor your family. They will never for a second doubt how much you loved each and every one of them. Just like my grandparents, they'll each think they are your favorite. LOL

gramma2many said...

I have a saying I use on each of them.
"I love you the most:)"
The olders understand it and the youngers love thinking Gramma love him/her "the most."


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