Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was tagged in Photo Tag challenge by Sue at Home to the World. The instructions are simple as stated below.

1) Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder.
2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!
Easy peasy

So the story behind this photo: This picture is of Abigail (#6415), on the left and Elizabeth (#6314) on the right. This picture was taken last July, along the California coast. I do not remember exactly where we were, we had just stopped for a rest and to get out of the car for a while.
As many of you know, I take my grands to Disney Land for their 7th or 8th birthday. Sometimes one has to wait for another, as was the case in Elizabeth waiting for Abby to be old enough to go.
We were in Los Angeles during all of the Michael Jackson hulabaloo and were attempting to leave the city on the day of his memorial. I-5 North was closed and we had to go south and catch the highway over to the coast and then travel up 1 and 101for several miles. Even though it was way way out of our way, and we were tired and had to drive through three states to get home, this was a beautiful drive. You can see how both of the girls were enjoying the water as gramma sat on the beach and watched and took dozens of pictures. In the background is an oil rig. I did not know there were so many out there. The drawback of this beach was that there was lots of oil in the water that we were not aware of until the girls got out and we had to wash it off of their bodies and out of their suits. Fortunately there were showers on the beach for just that reason.
So now, I need to tag 8 people. Hmmmm, let me think......
Of course, I need to tag my daughters, the ones who do not mind being tagged.
So we have:
Sue already tagged Karyn
3. Frizzy at Heaven's Gift
5. Therese at Musings of a Mom
6. Tulsi at The Family Awaits
and last but not least
Katidids at Katidids Creations
There are so many other blogs that I truly enjoy reading, and if you want to join in, consider yourself tagged. It is fun to see everyones pictures and read the story behind it.


Therese said...

Can't wait to do this one, but I have to be on my other computer...tomorrow, then!

Tatersmama said...

What a great photo! The girls look so cute standing there together... almost, but not quite mirror images of each other!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

aaaaaaah! thanks, mom! ;)

crazy weekend with the heart walk, meiners' birthday party and baseball game AND the school picnic ... and that's just TOMORROW, so we'll se what i can come up with by the end of the weekend.

(i don't think i know 8 bloggers anymore...i may have to get creative...)

Roslyn said...

Sweet pic makes me long for the Pacific ocean,Evy!

Homestay Mama said...

Such a cute pic of Elizabeth and Abby. I'd think they were twins if I didn't know better!


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