Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Saturday

Stan does not like my Columbine. He calls them weeds. They are prolific, but they are also so pretty.
Stan relaxing on the swing, after mowing the lawn. I planted Impatients in the box behind Stan.
He also brought my fountain out today and put it in the corner behind the swing. We had to fix some cracks in it so I am waiting a couple of days before I fill it.
The Iris's in my yard were given to me by a neighbors mother who has an Iris farm in California. They did not bloom last year so this is the first I have seen them.
Darius calls the Hummingbird a Honeybird. I had to wait patiently to catch this photo.
Another of my favorite flower is the Geranium. I have several throughout the yard. Mostly in my hanging baskets. I think there is a nest of wasps in the bird house. There were several flying in and out of it today.
I went to the store again and bought more flowers for my baskets. I think I have two more baskets to fill, unless I go ahead and hang baskets on the outside of my fence also. I have been wanting to do that for the past couple of years.
I also bought some Basil and Oregano that I planted in pots. Because of the size of my yard I use lots of pots.


Anonymous said...

Did you know another name for Aquilegia or Columbine is Grannys Bonnets ? :) I also love them and geraniums and Bizzy Lizzies, we are on the same wavelength in the garden! My wisteria is looking good will photo when it opens properly!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

You got a GREAT honeybird shot! Nice job!


P.S. Send the sun east. I think it's been raining for 14 months in St. Louis. I'm actually not even kidding.

Gardenia said...

oh I love that picture of the humingbird. congrats on your persistence. it paid off. and my hubby says the same thing about my columbine. But I think they are lovely. check this out: about the legend that columbine spung up wherever Our Lady put her foot step on the way to visit Elizabeth. and the flower has come to be known as a symbol of the Holy Spirit!

Homestay Mama said...

This weekend was soooo nice. I worked out in my yard, too, but didn't get a whole lot done! My yard is way to big for me now!!!

Your hummingbird shot is super!



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