Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Birthdays.

Our February Birthday month starts out with my daughter Tricia who blogs on It's my crazy life and I love it. I won't tell you exactly how old she turned on February 4th, but lets just say she is a child of the 70's. Tricia and her husband Dave moved to Alaska almost one year ago. They are on an adventure. Even if she may not always recognize it as such. Currently they are living in Dillingham. Some day she may even be able to meet Sarah while she is walking down the street.Next, on February 10, Brystan (2310) turned the big 13. Bry as we call him is the son of my daughter Karyn of Candarbry Garden. Bry is one of the most tender gentle boys I have ever known. All of the little cousins just love him and he is never to busy to stop and play with one of them. No matter their age, he will get down and play right along with them, whatever they are playing. Never forget Bry, Gramma loves you THE MOST!!!

Benjamin,(5113) is our 10 year old Valentine. He was born on February 14, 2000. This picture was taken when I visited them in Kotzebue this fall, right before they transferred to Dillingham.
Ben is our drama king. Seriously, someday you will see him in the movies! He also loves to cook and rivals one of his older cousins in the fine art of getting in the last word. Gramma always loves every minute we get to spend together. They are not as often as I would like now. Before he moved to Alaska, he would come spend two weeks during the summer and go to VBS at Gramma's. Ben, never forget Gramma loves you THE MOST!!Last but not least, Elizabeth, (#6314) shares her birthday with Great Grandma. She was born on Great Grandma's 80th birthday. This year she turned 9 years old. Elizabeth is a bit of an old soul in this tiny little body. She mothers everyone she can. We do not get to do it often enough, but Elizabeth and I do like to sew together. One summer she made a complete shorts outfit with little help from me. Her first sewing project. She has had the opportunity to do a couple of other small sewing projects with me too. Elizabeth's mommy is Gina over at A Handful of Life. Elizabeth, you know the truth is that Gramma loves you THE MOST!!!

Happy Birthday to all three of you and remember that Gramma does Love You The Most!
Oh yes, and Tricia, Mom does love you an awful lot too!

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Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

I am stealing that picture of Bry, It shows his beautifulness more than any other I have gotten. I may even blow it up and use it for his "school" pictures since I didn't know when they took pictures and didn't buy any! Oh, the others are all cute too.


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