Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A desperate E-mail

To: THE AFRICA REFUGEE TEAM. Thank you for taking this opportunity , one year and four months ago ,when we have seen, only to express the calamity which take place now in the camp today. For moment the situation is very wrong and waiting tomorrow it will be last. The distribution program of food taken the WFP isn't good. Since the last distribution and now , we attend seventeen days ,as soon as the ration given was for fourtheen days. At time all the knows a critical moment of four days without eating anything. We ask you , first to pray for us , and to tell or express our misery to whom it may concern, than : UNHCR (GENEVA) ,UNICEF , HUMAN RIGHT ,and WFP. sincerly yours in CHRIST B.M.AMOS.

This e-mail was sent to me by Msoshi's Son. Pictured above with Msoshi. Things are desperate for the refugees from Congo (Zaire) who are currently in Tanzania.
What he is saying above is that their food rations have been stopped and they have not eaten for four days. They are being starved out of Tanzania and forced to return to Congo where the war still rages.


Therese said...

Many , many prayers, Evy!!!

Julie said...

thanks for sharing... we are praying here!!! I am going to talk to Eli about it during homeschool today and we are going to pray first before anything else.

Homestay Mama said...

This is so hard to take, isn't it, Evy. If only we could send them food, or money to buy it, but it would never get to them, would it. I don't understand why God let's this situation continue. This must tear Msoshi's heart to pieces!

Praying seems so inadequate right now, but, we must continue to ask God for a miracle!


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