Monday, February 22, 2010

My Week in Review

In addition to my mother turning 89 yesterday, February 21, my granddaughter Elizabeth (#6314)

had her 9th birthday. She is holding the obnoxious ugly sock monkey she asked me to make her for her birthday. My mother has over 100 direct descendants. I think Elizabeth is about her 30th great grandchild. I did not go to my mother's yesterday with all of the crowds so Elizabeth and I are going down today. We always get a Great Grandma, Elizabeth picture. Since this could easily be the last, Elizabeth got to skip school to go visit her.
One sock I worked up yesterday. Have the other started. I will probably finish it today.
Another pair of special order heart socks. She wanted lavender with white, but the colors just melded together with no distinction so I changed it to lavender and purple. Will make a reverse pair for her also. Was just waiting for a decision before I began. I should actually do them today so I can get them into the mail.
My back yard. I wanted a before picture before anything blooms. My Curly Willows are finally beginning to bud.

A Rhododendron I saw in full bloom up in Burlington. Burlington is about 25 miles north of me. It is truly unusual to see them blooming this early in the season. Rhododendron is the Washington State flower.


Tatersmama said...

Your mother is 89? No way! She looks 20 years younger!
Happy Birthday to both your girls!

And that sock monkey? Adorable!!!

Homestay Mama said...

Your Mom is certainly a lovely 89 year old! And you have your Mom's good looks as well! :-)

Those socks are adorable and I will be very pleased to send them on to my two little grand nieces!

*Hugs* dear friend!


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