Saturday, January 16, 2010

What better way is there

to spend a Friday night than being entertained by there Grade School's production of Jack and the Bean Stalk, put on in by Missoula Children's Theater.
It helps if some of the performers rank high in your favorite list. Above is Elizabeth, in the blue who played the part of an acrobat and Abigail sitting below her playing the part of a ballerina. Looking a bit like a disgruntled ballerina here.
Also featured was Caleb, in the middle with the blue scarf playing the part of a farmer.
Missoula Children's Theater is a non profit theater that travels to schools around the world. They hold auditions on Monday, (trying to find a part for every child who auditions) and performing on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. This was a very well done production with a twist on the story I had never seen or heard. Lots of singing and dancing and definitely a great opportunity for all of the kids. And to think I could have stayed home and blog surfed or played games. So glad I did not!!


Dawn said...

Missoula is awesome! My girls were part of the Princess and The Pea here last fall. It was their first play and they absolutely loved it! Great intro to theater!

Katidids said...

I bet that fun! Some parents dreaded school plays, I loved them!
I bet they were great! Budding actors in the family!

Trish said...

Ohhh, fun!!
We love theatre!!

I wonder what it would take to get them here?

I'm off to google them.

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

I LOVE that Caleb was in it... We expect it of the girls, but how cool that he did it too!

Homestay Mama said...

What a rewarding way to spend a Friday evening! Good for you!


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