Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just some pictures.

While I was waiting to catch my first Hawaii Sunrise, I was playing with the settings on my camera. This one is a tree in the yard. Just took it in Sepia. I love sepia, maybe not for scenery, but I really like the effect.
The moon was to the west of me, over the top of the Condo's while the sun was rising to the east.

The view from our balcony, just before sunrise.
The same tree as the above one, taken from the other side.
These pictures are actually in order, I was also playing with the light setting. You can see the color beginning to show in this picture and the next one.

Really, there are not words to express the beauty. Wish I could really "live" here for a while, just to experience more than the tourist aspect of the life. The people are amazing, the island is amazing and I am relaxed!!!!


Sarah - Kala said...

I still love living here. The people really ARE nice . . . almost all the time. It's a change from the mainland. The scenery really helps along with the lovely weather.

Homestay Mama said...

I liked it there for about 7 years and then I got 'island bound fever'--has anyone told you about that yet? When you get island bound fever you just want to get off the rock for awhile and drive non-stop for a couple of days. You just want to go somewhere where you aren't surrounded by water.

But, your pictures are wonderful and I'm glad you are enjoying your trip.

Trish said...

Very pretty! I'm so glad you finally got to go there!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

ooooooh Gramma! You are getting good at the photo-thing!!!

And where were the posts about your clean house to announce that this trip was pending?? Hello?!

I was totally jealous when I discovered where you were! (my very first boyfriend lives there. Navy career-man. Perhaps you'll see him and wave hello!)

my best,


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