Monday, January 4, 2010

I would

post Hawaii pictures, but for some reason Blogger is not letting me.
I could live this life year round for sure!! Stan, on the other hand has to have seasons. I think they have seasons here. It is sweater season right now!!


Sarah - Kala said...

Are you in HI right now or are you back from HI? I saw in my comments that you mentioned coming here on some Friday . . . but I forget and I was going to ask if you wanted to meet at the airport since you were there for a few hours for the connecting to another island . . . but then I wondered if you would do that and then I wondered if the airport would be a hassle?

Anyway, ALOHA!!!!

Kathi said...

I'm so glad for you and can't wait to see the pictures. Kathi

Homestay Mama said...

So you like it there, eh?
I did, too, when we first moved there, but then after awhile I started missing the seasons. I also got tired of eating tropical fruits and I soon longed for apples and strawberries. I'm glad for the 7 years we lived there, but I'm just as happy to be right where I am now!

Looking forward to seeing your pics when you get back. Please tell Pete and Napua "Hi" from me!


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