Wednesday, January 27, 2010


and others who may be interested.......have you found this amazing blog? It is called Chicken Stitches.
It belongs to my friend Henya, pictured above, who is an immigrant from Russia. She is an amazing knitter and also an amazing story teller.
Much as I hate to, I must direct you to her blog. I would rather wait until her contest is over so I have a better chance of winning, but this is one of her rules.
She is having an amazing give away to celebrate her first year of blogging. Now do not just go over and sign up to win her have to read her stories too. Especially the ones about life in Russia. Be sure you tell her I sent you too. It will not make a difference in my chances to win, but humor me and tell her anyway. If you win, I expect a cut in the bounty, cause if I had not told you, you would not have gone there, and I would have had a better chance. Now hasten your little selves over and leave Henya some Bloggy Love!!!!

1 comment:

Henya said...

Thank you so much. I am touchrd by your very kind words.


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