Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Question # 3

is from Sarah at Journey of Truth. She asked me about my handwork skills.

I learned to knit while I was in High School. We had classes during our lunch hour that we could take if we wished. Somehow, I ended up in the knitting class. I learned the basics of knit there. How to knit, and purl and a little about how to read a pattern. Enough that I wanted more. Being a simple naive person, I thought I knew how to knit so I embarked on a project, a pretty big one for me at my skill level. I made Stan a sweater. Not really knowing or understanding the gauge thing, I bought yarn and needles and commenced to go to work. It was a beautiful (or it would have been done correctly) neck down ski sweater. It was basically white with a brown and orange yoke. I wanted to give it to him for his birthday so I knitted fast and furious. I made the birthday deadline and so proudly gave him my gift. You have seen the pictures of Stan, he is not and was not a very large person. The sweater would have fit an amazon whose arms drug on the ground. At least his left arm. After that the needles were put away for a season.
When I was expecting Kris, I thought I wanted to try again. Still not completely understanding the gauge I went to a yarn shop and bought some beautiful pastel soft yarn and commenced on a blanket for her. I used the fan pattern for it. In doing this I had to learn yarn overs and how to decrease. It took a while, because you know, Kris was my fourth child so there were loads of diapers to wash and fold and other things to be done before I could knit. I was successful with the blanket. I think Kris still has it even.
The next year we moved to Alaska and Bryan started kindergarten. Again, the knitting bug hit me so I embarked on another project. Off to the yarn shop again and I bought the yarn for a sweater for Bryan. This one was a vast improvement over the first sweater I had knit so many years ago. Bryan wore it for the whole school year. I probably sent it on to a cousin after that, cause I do not know where it is these 34 years later.
I did not knit anything again until Bryan was 18 years old. That year I made him a rag wool sweater that I loved. He wore and wore it, until the day he was in a very serious accident and they had to cut him out of it at the hospital.
I did continue to knit from that time on and find it something that relaxes me completely. I can carry it any place with me and quietly work on it in almost any setting.
As for crochet, my Grandmother was an master at the craft. She tried and tried to teach me how to do it. Finally giving up saying she thought I could not learn because I already knew how to knit. I wanted to learn so while we were living in Alaska I bought a book and taught myself. I did kind of understand the basics because of Grandma. I love to crochet lace and have a roll or two that I have done over the years. Have not attached them to anything yet, but you know how good plans are sometimes. I have also crocheted a pineapple design tablecloth. I did most of it in the car traveling between Washington State and Georgia while Stan was going to school. I do not get to the crochet as often as the knit and sewing, but I do enjoy it when I set down to it.
Sewing, I was taught to do by my Grandmother also. I spent every summer I could with her and when I was 13 she helped me make my first dress. I remember it was blue and buttoned down the front. I loved that dress and wore it as often as it was clean. Remember that in those years, girls did not wear pants to school. We always wore dresses. Being from a large family, money was pretty scarce and my knowing how to sew was a plus for my wardrobe.
Thinking of these past memories makes me think I will dig through some of my pictures and maybe find some of said projects to show you. I think I have them someplace.
Thanks for the question Sarah.


Sarah (JOT) said...

You answered so wonderfully, too! I hope you do get around to sharing some pics!! I really have enjoyed the projects you have shared with us so far in blogland. Have a blessed day!!

Karen said...

I find knitting very relaxing as well and also carry it around with me.

I finished the sweater I was knitting, just put a post, showing it, up a few minutes ago. Not completely happy with the way the collar is sitting, so I'm going to unpick the stitches and resew it.

Your comment about one arm of the sweater beinglonger than the other, made me laugh ... I've had that happen as well :-)

Frizzy said...

So enjoying these posts about you. I too loved hearing about the length of your first sweater's arms. Too funny and oh sooo sweet!

Betty said...

I don´t know how to knit, but crocheting is fun, when I have time. You sure are talented in both area´s!
Just wanted to wish you Happy Easter! I will be away from the bloggy world till next week. See you then!

Therese said...

I too am loving these posts! Could I just come over and craft with you? I'd get more done!!!

Sharon said...

You are very talented indeed! I never learned to knit or crochet. My mother started learning to crochet shortly after my brother and I moved out, and she's made blankets for the kids as well as a couple of sweater vests for me. She recently learned to knit as well. Thanks for sharing!

Katidids said...

I love hearing of one generation teaching, sharing skill with sanother, classes are nice but that extra special memory is always attached.

Pautlitz Blog said...

I would love to see you work.

I tried to make a scarf once and I could not do it.

Mayby I will try when I am a little bit more patient

FalkFamily said...

My mom is teaching me to crochet. I am working on a blanket, but I only have one square done - I have too many kids around and am always losing my chain count!

Cristie :) said...

I as well enjoyed the story and the projects I've seen!

I really do need to pick a project and accept the help you have so kindly offered me. Your story will continue with me! :)

Homestay Mama said...

I've seen many of your projects and they are drop dead gorgeous!

The only things I ever knit were washcloths. I used to sew a lot, but haven't even done that for a long time!

You are one very talented lady!

Julie said...

I can attest to how great your work is... my hands have been so happy! I must have missed where people ask you questions... but I am enjoying it!

Kris said...

I do have it. It is hardly pastel anymore. More of a dingy blah! It must have been drug around alot!

Gramma 2 Many said...

It was.


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