Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Letter From Tanzania


We thank very much God after having heard that the mother will get cured and walk again.

Thank you for this information .

I write this message informing you that the situation is worse now: we get a small quantity of food but we don't get fire wood to prepare it. We were using to visit the neighbouring villages to seek for additional food and fire wood but it is prohibited now.

Once Nationals bring food items or fire wood for sale they are very expensive. So, I and some Christians are in the above mentionned conditions. If ynu could get any kind of help from anywhere we would highly appreciate it.

Your brother in Christ ,

I get these letters from my friends often. I feel so helpless as to what we can do for them. These are real letters, they are not the spam letters we all receive from Kenya or Nairobi asking us to deposit a check for them and send them back part of the funds. This is real!!


Julie said...

thanks for sharing so we can be praying... this weighs on my heart!

Tatersmama said...

Saying my prayers...

Bless your friends for all they're doing!


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