Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last week Ben and Coop came up to spend the week with us and go to VBS with their cousins. Unfortunately, Coop was not old enough to go so he spent his days having "playdates" with his cousin Jonah.

(Shown here resting after a busy morning riding their scooters up and down the street.)

VBS was a five day Sports Camp and did the kids ever have fun. They played soccer, heard the Gospel, baseball, heard the Gospel, volleyball, heard the Gospel, and basketball. Mixed into that was the Gospel and how to apply it to today's life.

Since Ben (#5113)

and Coop (#5216)

are two of the four who live further away from us than the others, this week with Grandma is a very special week for me. Unfortunately we did not get to do some of the other things I had wanted to do, but I think we had fun here. I have a fairly large inflatable pool that we put up so they could dip in it whenever they wanted. Their cousins were here to play every day, and they made friends with some of the other kids who live in our neighborhood and also went to VBS with them.

The highlight of the camp was Friday night when the church threw this shindig with food and bouncy houses,

the kids performed their songs that they had learned, and then a drawing for a great prize for the kids who came to VBS.
Here we are waiting
to see who won.

Sorry we did not win, but everyone there was a WINNER!! They got to hear God's word in a fun environment.

Caleb tried not to show his disappointment.

Now Ben and Coop are off to Silvewood for a few days.

Have fun boys, Grandma loves you and looks forward to VBS next year and you spending another week with me.


Therese said...

What a wonderful week for them!

Anonymous said...

Being a grandma ranks right up there as one of the most important roles in a woman's life. You are so fortunate to be a grandma many times over and your grandkids are very blessed to have a grandma that loves them and loves the Lord!

Veggie Mom said...

VBS was always fun for my kids. But they didn't want to go to "sleep away" church camp--they missed their Mommy too much! :)

Gina said...

Ah, sleep away church camp starts today!!!!! I have some very dissapointed 3rd graders- one in particular, who really wanted to go this year. Alas, next year cannot come soon enough for him.
And we had fun playing with the boys all week.

Trish said...

we had a fun and exciting week.We love you grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben and Cooper


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