Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day

Since I will not be home tomorrow to wish all of you a good day tomorrow I thought I would do it now.

Please take a moment to remember our service men and women and the sacrifice they and their spouses make for our country.

I want to share a few picture with you for tomorrow. When I received them, they made a real impact on me.


Armed American troops force Iraqis to teeter-totter until they talk.

Iraqis grateful Americans did not open fire during soccer game.Clear evidence of forced labor by troops.GI falls asleep on duty while using Iraqi child as body armor

Soldier attempts to eat Iraqi Child.Iraqi child bites soldier in self defense.Talk or I will tickle you until you do. More evidence of our Failed US Policy.

Tickle torture to extract intelligence.Soldier forces Iraqi child to hang by fingertips.Needs no words.Never take our freedom for granted.


Therese said...

Amazing post!!! Happy 4th!

Gina said...

Good post, Mom.

Pautlitz Blog said...

That was wonderful THANK YOU

Givinya De Elba said...

Hi Gramma, thanks for coming over the my blog to sort out the 4th July / July 4th question. It was good to hear I'm not the only person who doesn't like paydough.

Happy Fourth of July / July Fourth! I loved these pictures.

Melissa Lee said...

I LOVED these pictures. I called my husband over so he could see them too.

Why don't we ever see THESE in the papers?

Just makes me mad thinkin' about it.

I just wanted to "thank you" for stopping by the other day for my special SITS day. I hope you'll come back.

Melissa at Stretch Marks


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