Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon

Today is Brandon's 16th birthday. Happy Birthday Brandon Michael(#4104)!! I always tell him he should either strive to be President or at the very least an attorney. He has the gift of argument. I bet none of you knew that was a gift, did you? He always has the last word in any discussion. Brandon has grown up in the country. Lucky boy. He is an expert marksman and a great fisherman. He is a wrestler and football player at his school. He is one of the smartest boys I know. I know I know you just think it is grandma talking again, but he really is! This coming school year Brandon will enter the 11th grade in school, but he will also begin a program, (in our area we call it Running Start) that allows him to begin accumulating college credits. I am not sure what they are calling it at his school or what your area calls it, but I think it is a great program for kids who bore easily with the watered down curriculum offered in public school today. Great Job Brandon and Happy Birthday, my one and only red headed grandchild.


Therese said...

Great picture! I love hearing about good kids-it is our hope for the future!

Anonymous said...

The world needs people who know how to argue for the truth! You go Brandon, and happy 16th!


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