Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Birthday. I was going to do a collage for my birthday, kind of like what I did for our anniversary, but have had a very busy week and did not get it done.

This week one of my younger brothers fell about 30 feet from some scaffolding. He thought it was 15 feet, but when the accident site was inspected it was determined it was 30. He landed on his hard Irish skull so there was not an excessive amount of damage. He does have some brain bruising and swelling, but nothing more permanent than he already had. He also has a fine gash above his left eye that took several stitches. He laid between two buildings, unconscious, for about two hours before a pizza delivery man found him and called for assistance. He spent two nights in Harborview Hsptl in Seattle. Because they are so understaffed, siblings stayed with him around the clock. When we asked if they had enough people to watch him if he attempted to get out of bed, (He was very agitated and kept trying to leave.) they said they would just restrain him. We decided that he would never submit to restraints so we made the decision that he would be attended by one of us while he was there.
I have a sister who lives close to the hsptl, so she graciously pulled most of the shifts. After he went home on Sunday, my husband and I went over so my husband could examine him. We are waiting for his x-rays so he can read those also. So far he says he shows classic signs of whiplash. I just keep saying he had his guardian angel riding on his shoulder on the way down. There are so many what if's that praise God did not happen.
Now I am on my way to Seattle. Msoshi, whom I wrote about in my last post will be sworn in as an American Citizen today. What a happy exciting day today will be.
Congratulations to Msoshi.
Happy Birthday to Me. July 29, 1946. I am old enough for Social Security. No apologies:}


FalkFamily said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! (Imagine my fine singing voice). Thank God your brother is going to be okay. Goodness, he'll be in my prayers for a speedy recovery!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love you!

(i was going to hijack your blog for a birthday post, but I can't remember your password and I can't get a hold of Gina)

glad Uncle L is okay.....I mean, what's a little brain bruising in the grand scheme of what could have happened, right.

Veggie Mom said...

We Wish You a Happy Birthday, and hope your bro is OK! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish God's best for you on your birthday, Evy. Hope you have a wonderful day all day.

Praise God your brother survived his fall with no serious injuries!


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