Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today is the first day of my second week of the

Beth Moore Bible Study I joined. We are studying, Jesus, the One and Only.
I did not do real well last week, just got through the first day and started on the second day. Too many distractions. So, this morning I said I was going to finish todays study if it killed me!! Not done yet, but just one question left. Whew!! Of course some life happened between now and when I sat down this morning. More will before I answer the last question too.
Laundry to fold yet and a baby shower to attend as well as some floors that need cleaned. Better go get busy. Tonight I will have to read Isaiah 49:6 and then answer the question, Why was Christ not sent for the nation of Israel alone?
Right now, though, I need to wrap one of my beautiful knits for a gift and clean some floors.
I will see you tonight when I get home Beth, OK?

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