Sunday, October 10, 2010


These cute longies are made from a 100% wool called Tye Dye. I love the colors. Looks like my iron may have spit on the pant leg while I was steaming it. Will take a different picture later;)
This 100% wool longie/skirt is made from Plymouth yarn. I love the way it knits up. The stitches are very even with little variation. They really remind me of fall.
The little white pantie part of the longies are made with extra room for diapers. These can also be worn as soakers over cloth diapers as they are made from wool and wool will wick the moisture away from babies bottom.
Arlington High School colors are blue and gold. This hat was a special order for a friend who goes to all of the home games.
Please, if you have friends who are looking for baby gifts, send them to me. As you already know, all proceeds go to the Church in Dar es Salaam.
I have chosen to not join Etsy because of the percentage they take. I would either have to raise my prices much higher to cover those costs or take from what would go to the Church. If you have friends who are interested, they can go to my facebook page and see all of my knits in my knit album.


gayle said...

They are beautiful!!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Thanks Gayle, just think of me when you need a gift:)

Henya said...

Wow! They are cute, cute, cut!!!
Love the longe skirt. What a smart idea.


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