Friday, May 8, 2009

Recent Projects

The twirl skirt

I finished yesterday

For Olivia

It is made of strips of fabric sewn together than gathered into ruffles.
I had hoped to make two more, but am not sure I have it in me.
A lot of work and thread. Cute though isn't it?

A possible Blogiversary gift

Or maybe this one.
My first posted blog entry was in June so watch for an announcement.

Socks headed for cold Kotzebue. Probably can even wear them during the summer.

A sweet little hat I made my Grandniece Miss Patricia Arlene
It can be found in the book Baby Beanies by Amanda Keeys
Who is actually a photographer who likes to photo children in hats so she learned how to knit and designed these hats. I saw that you could buy her book on her blogsite.

(She also has a link to a childrens clothing store called Charlipop Kids. If you go to look at it, be sure you have your debit card beside you)


Therese said...

You are so talented...wish you were here to teach me how to sew...maybe a vacation to your house and I can get some lessons?

Busy Grandma Elsie said...

How sweet! I used to sew a lot but only now and then any more.
Happy Mothers day.
Elsie <><

Frizzy said...

Oh how you make me wish I had a sewing machine and creativity. I love all those projects. What little girl wouldn't spin in that skirt as soon as she put it on?! I know I would.

Homestay Mama said...

You're inspiring me, Evy! I should start sewing again--except my sewing machine is on the fritz. Just to check it over costs $100--whether or not they can fix it. And, because it is so old, they may not be able to get parts for it, they said. So it just sits in my closet! :-(

Gina said...

Therese, She's a good teacher. I made a complete shorts and shirt outfit as my first project when I was 13. Mom let me play with her sewing machine as a kid, so I knew how that worked- even the dangers of sewing into your finger.

Katidids said...

Great projects! I cant wait for Evie to be old enough for those type skirts!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

the twirly skirt IS lovely --- and JUST Pookie's style! And I, too, LOVE to photograph kids in hats (Sashi's baby announcement was my first!) and have literally picked up a knitting hats book to consider learning for that very reason!

THANK you for your kind words about my photo!

And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, to my blog mama!


FalkFamily said...

FANTASTIC stuff! That sling bag is going to be fabulous - love the colors!

Hope you are having a great mother's day :)

Kim H. said...

Okay, how have I never made it over to your blog?....You're just delightful...and I think we might have a few (wink, wink) values in common. :)

Hey, have you ever popped over to An Accomplished Woman? She is an amazing seamstress/crafter/planner/creative mastermind...I think you'd love her blog too. Your sewing project makes me think of her -- she's always got great ideas at her blog.


Amanda K said...

That twirl skirt is adorable! I wish I could sew. Alas, I only knit. Thanks for linking to me btw :)


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