Friday, May 3, 2013

Today was such a beautiful sunny day

I spent the day out in my tiny yard, getting it cleaned up and ready for summer flowers. 
I hung my hummingbird feeder up and had several visitors.  I tried to take a picture of one, but they did not totally trust me, yet, and flew away as soon as they saw me.

Earlier I posted a picture of my weeping willow that Stan had cut back to almost nothing last fall.
Lucky for him, it is getting leaves and will probably be just fine.
I started a branch from a tree my uncle had planted about 60 years ago.

My wisteria has a few flower buds on it.  I am a bit worried because the main older tree does not seem to be blooming.  It has not bloomed for a couple of years. I cut it way back last year hoping that would help. It had a few flowers last year but I cannot see any on it this year. These flowers are on a younger shoot of the tree.

I love using galvanized buckets for my hanging gardens. I only have two and want to buy three more for this summer. I got the two I have ready to receive flowers for the summer.

I started another project. I will have to show you once it is finished.  Won't try to explain.

My white clematis is loaded with bloom.  Making up for not  blooming at all last summer.

Mama Robin is on her nest.  You can see her tail poking up from her nest, it looks like it is touching the branch above it.
Three sweet little eggs.


Betsy said...

Ah spring! I love this season when life seems to begin anew. Thank you for taking us on a visit to your yard. It's beautiful.

Madeline's Album said...

Spring looks like it is coming your way. Today here it is cold and raining but up until now it has been like spring. Hoping it will turn warm again. Have a blessed day and enjoy your yard. Madelineareasfo

Audrey said...

Spring is wonderful ... we see new life all around us ... flower blooming, trees putting on new green leaves and birds nesting. I think our birds have hatched out as I hear little chirps all around us. LOVE the picture of your Robin. Thanks for taking us on a tour of you yard.
Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures


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