Thursday, May 30, 2013

I really do not know where to pick up after I have been away for a while.

  Maybe with something bright and cheery. My Garden.

My Wisteria. It is growing on my back fence.
I have a very small garden. It is only 14 feet deep by 60 feet wide. I try to optimize as much space as possible. I have perennials and every spring, I plant many pots of annuals.

One of my Irises. They are so elegant to me.

This Lilac tree came from a sucker on my mother's tree.

This is an Azalea my mother gave me. It is so fragrant. 

One of my pots.  This one is full of Million Bells. I can hardly wait until it fills the pot and flows over the sides.

My brother built me two of these planters.  I have tried to get him to build me at least two more but he is so busy he does not seem to have time for it. I usually have geraniums in them along with the petunias.  This year I have Petunias, Million Bells, Bacopa, and one more that I cannot think of the name right now. 

The first full bloom on my Clematis. It is just beautiful.  White with a blush of lavender.

My mother gave me two Poppy plants when we moved here. I came home from work one evening and Stan was working in the yard. After a moment, I realized I could not see either of my poppy plants.  I asked if he had pulled them. He did not think so, but he did take two thistles from this bed.  I was able to save them and now they have almost taken over the yard.  I love them though.  Anyone want seeds? I will have plenty.

My Wigelia. We have to keep this one cut back quite a bit. It is almost to big for my tiny side yard.

One of the heavily loaded branches.

Another gorgeous Iris.

My Clematis in full bloom. I planted two plants when we moved here.  One on the South side of the house and this one on the East side.  This one is thriving and beautiful. The one on the South side is just a spindle of a plant. I am thinking about cutting it way back.  Does anyone know if this is possible, or should I just take it out and start over?

Dutch Iris. So delicate.

Columbine. This one is planted beside my yard swing. It has climbed up the post and along my fence.

More Poppy's and White Iris.  Can you see the plethora of buds on these plants?

My double Peony.  It should be open within days. (If the sun ever comes out.)

I have several plants still waiting to be potted. Hanging planters to finish to hang from my fence. A broken fountain that I generally fill with Impatient's. They are out on my deck waiting to be planted.  Some Basil and Pole Beans to plant.
I hope the weather man is right and we will be seeing an end to all of the rain we have been having and I will be able to get out and finish.
One of my Hydrangea's. This one did not bloom well last year. This year it is loaded, much to my joy.
The birdbath is my newest addition to my garden.


Nancy said...

Wow! What a beautiful garden! This is just one of the reasons why I miss the climate of the Northwest. About the only thing that grows really well in our yard are the azealas. I do have a couple pecan trees, though. They are nice to have...when you can wrangle the pecans from the squirrels! In the photo you posted of the planter box...what are the yellow flowers to the right of that??? Absolutely gorgeous! I could sit in your garden with a nice cup of coffee and book....for hours!

Audrey said...

Lovely garden ... thanks for starting my day off with beautiful flowers.
Thanks for visiting Timeless Treasures.
Audrey Z.

Katidids said...

Oh Evy, The flowers are just beautiful! The flowers are one thing I really miss about the west coast. I was given some white lilac and am trying to find just the right spot to plant it. The planters from your brother great!
Thanks for sharing & it's good to see you back!

Madeline's Album said...

Wow what lovely flowers. Everything looks so good. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline


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