Saturday, January 19, 2013

July 10th was our 47th Anniversary

But since I was not doing much blogging at the time I don't think I wrote about Pepper here.
Pepper is my little ShiTzu that was given to us by some friends.  She was the runt of the litter and they could not sell her.  In June Angela sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted her.  We have been without a dog for over 20 years and I was not too sure I wanted to be "tied down" again.  But I told her I would ask the "Doc." When I asked, he said no citing the same concerns I had.  I thought that was the end, never gave the puppy another thought.
On our anniversary Stan sat on the couch beside me and asked if I wanted to see what he got for me.
 He had a piece of paper folded up in his hands.  Since my laptop had died, I thought it was a picture of a new laptop.  I opened the paper and looking at me was the sweetest little puppy face I had ever seen. I think, in all fairness, I should disclose I am not an animal lover.  Every dog we had when the children were growing up was a Damn dog.  You know, like: "Get that damn dog out of here." There was only one dog that was ever really allowed in the house at all. That was because we lived in Alaska and it was far too cold to leave him outside.  To be sure he was NEVER allowed on the furniture. But I digress.
Towards the end of July, the puppy was delivered to us.  It was the tiniest little creature I had ever seen. Not wanting to be one of those old women who are crazy over their dog, I put down some ground rules right away.  She is NOT fed from the table.  She would like to be but she isn't. She does NOT sleep with us. (Except for on New Years Eve when the fireworks were scaring her to death.) Really, she does not even ask to.  She goes to bed in her bed every night and in the morning we find her curled up all cozy on the couch.  We started kenneling her but she really did not like it.  She has never been destructive and has house trained very easily so we do not worry about it anymore. House trained, but has regressed a little on the poopy job. But given the stress of the past couple of weeks we do not blame her too much.  We know she felt our pain last week.  She wanted to be held and close to us all week long.
Needless to say, I am afraid I may be one of those old women with her dog.  Pepper has brought Stan and I so much pleasure.  She has the best (cutest) personality. She is very quick to learn.  The only problem we have with her is that she does not respond well when she is called.  If she gets loose it is a major production to corner and catch her.
I said earlier that she is not allowed in bed with us and that she doesn't even ask............but, a Grand spends the night and guess where I find her in the morning.  Yep, curled up right next to them in their bed. So, without further ado, please say hello to Pepper.
The day she came to our house.

The bed the kids made for her.

Her first visit to the groomer.

Does she know she is a princess?

Comfy Pepper?


She used to curl up on my shoulder.  Hasn't done this in a long time.

Cookies when she comes inside from a potty trip.
Sleeping with Cooper
Less than 3 pounds when she came to us.  Stan weighed her tonight.  She is just over 8 pounds.

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Homestay Mama said...

She's a cutie, alright!! She sure won over my heart when she sat on my lap at your table last month! Cute pics, too!


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