Saturday, January 26, 2013

Can there be anything better than Cousins?

Olivia, Jonah and Cooper at Disneyland.

Amanda holding her son Jayce and Ben at Jayce's dedication. Ben is the proud Godfather.

Cannyn and Levi

Jonah and Darius

Helping decorate Gramma's Christmas tree.

Olivia and Darius admiring their work.

Jayce and Trynity.  A new generation of cousins.  The first of second cousins.
(Did that make sense?)

Alysa and Amanda cousins
Trynity and Jayce second cousins
Most of the cousins in Gramma's stairway.
Top to bottom:
Brystan, Darian, Amanda, Jayce
Cannyn, Jesse, Shaylene, Ben in blue striped shirt with glasses.
Caleb, Cooper, Elizabeth holding Levi
Abigail, Olivia and Jonah.
Missing from this cousin picture are:
Chelsea, Breanne, Alysa and her daughter Trynity and Darius
as well as Brandyn and Andrew.
Ben (the God father) and Jayce

Caleb Olivia and Elizabeth in the foreground
Jonah and Cooper in the back

Olivia and Cooper

Caleb and Ben
Cannyn on the couch.

Shaylene and Darian
Maybe this year I can get more candid cousin pictures. Family is the greatest gift God has given me, aside from my salvation.

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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

The cousins in the stairway is a wonderful are truly blessed! I am deeply saddened reading of your daughter's death. Your reunion will be glorious. She sounds like she was such a fun woman....your heart must sorely ache. May I offer you a prayer for peace. Please forgive my feeble attempt to understand how you might feel...I can only offer my prayers and blessings.


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