Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School starts right after Labor Day and FINALLY Summer has dawned.

So we spent the day at the beach..........again.
Jonah, Olivia and a friend they made building sand castles.
Jonah and Olivia are kneeling in the sand.

Our "on loan" Grandson enjoying the sun on the blanket.  Isn't he a cutie!!
He does not have a number, because we do not get to keep him.

Abigail giving Olivia a piggy back ride.

This picture was an experiment

To see if I could photo someone underwater

Elizabeth coming up for air.

Olivia is moving out of the deep water.  Gramma is just to nervous when it is to deep.

Abigail and Elizabeth making plans

Abigail doing the hold her breath float thing.

Caleb atop the climbing tower.
Darius came too, but he was later than everyone else and Gramma had put her camera away.
I almost got to much sun.  I think I will look for a sun hat on sale someplace.  I had to go find some shade to sit in for a while as I was getting a little light headed.
We are expecting another nice day tomorrow, and then Ben and Cooper and their mom will be here for a couple of days.  Lilah is coming too!! We will have a fantastic Friday, cause Gramma always looks forward to Ben and Cooper time.  Pictures will follow:-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like another great day, weve only got to the beach once this year and it wasnt that nice.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and linking up on the W/W Hop! I hope you had the chance to hop around and meet new bloggers! I also wanted to give you a chance to win in a new giveaway starting today! Come back by again and enter your name. =)
Have a great Thursday!
Cookin’ for my Captain

Frizzy said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Wish we could have hung out with you. Has Gina talked to you about Oct?

gramma2many said...

No, is something happening in Oct?


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