Monday, August 22, 2011


This year Darius #1419 has figured out Birthday Parties.  He thought he should have a surprise Dora Dora party for his mommy.  So we did:)
This picture is a bit dark and out of focus because I was not ready when they arrived.
My son Bryan and Darla arriving for the party.

The Dora Dora cake we ordered because Gramma just did not feel up to making one.

Gramma did attempt to make a Dora Pinata.  It was a far cry from looking like Dora, but the  kids did not care as long as it had candy and they had a stick.
Jonah # 6518 taking his turn at the bat.

Olivia # 3317 was next, as cousins looked on in anticipation.

Cooper, # 5216 had come down with his mom from Alaska, so he got to take part too.
I am always so excited when he and his mom and brother get to come down.  His dad too, but he does not make it down as often as the others.

Abigail #6415 takes her best shot.

Brystan #2310 is steadying it for

Elizabeth #6314 because she decided to do it blindfolded.

Darius, #1419 is up to bat again.  I never noticed he had closed his eyes.  He would not let me blindfold him.

Small tip, when you make a pinata, do not use decopage glue.  It is too strong and  the pinata does not break easily.
They finally tore it from it's attachment string.  Here, Angie, I think, had tossed it to Gina and she was batting it back.

Finally Gina tore it and the mad scramble began.  

The "Birthday Girl" and Bryan looking on.

Once she was emptied, Brystan #2310 and Cannyn #2208 wrecked their type of "boy havoc" on her.
We definitely missed Kris and Joe and boys and pray for the day Kris will feel good enough to make the trip home again.  We Love You Kris!!


Majid Ali said...

Please help me for Christ sake

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun.

Frizzy said...

Too too fun! Loved it! Great job making Dora. I haven't done any projects like that in AGES!


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