Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Dear Friend

Frizzy, who writes here posted these amazing pictures.  I thought I might contrast what 1000 miles north makes.
My Poppy.  I absolutely love it's huge orange blooms.  Hope I get to see them this year.

My Wysteria.  I hope it blooms as beautifully as the one Frizzy posted on her blog yesterday.  Go take a look at hers to see what they are really suppose to look like:)  Linked above.

Last spring my Cherry tree was so loaded with blooms, I was afraid the branches would break.

One of my Clematis.  If it ever drys out and warms up, I may be able to go out and weed my beds too.

Azalea.  I got this from my mother.  It has the most fragrant flowers ever.

Pink Peony.  So beautiful.  Be Patient, Evy, you know that eventually Spring does come to the Northwest.


Frizzy said...

I love that you have a flower/bush from your mom's yard. What better way to keep her and her beauty close to your home and heart?

Love you sweet friend. Thanks for the link. If only the flower photos I took were all in my yard like yours are.

Homestay Mama said...

Well, Frizzy's pics are truly beautiful, but your yard will be beautiful too, once it stops raining! Can't say that about mine, though! The grass is ankle deep already, and if I took any pictures of my yard, they'd all be different angles of the only thing that's thriving right now--moss!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction :) Im a sucker for a good flower pic .Frizzys blog is now on my list.
My wisteria is teasing me with long buds, Ive posted some pics, did you see the ones of my cherry? it was fantastic this year, going over now though, and I have planted a new peony and 3 poppies.Glad to see a new post and hoping youy are well and happy.


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