Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

 Shay got her hands on my new camera.  The one I said no children could touch.  Since she reminded me that technically she is an adult now, I allowed her to snap some pictures of her sister
 with the promise of total annihilation if anything happened to it.

 She took these pictures in the common area between our houses.  Developers can get away with smaller yards if they designate certain plots of land Common.  I really do not mind this area because there are not many people who use it, so it is an extension of my yard.

 A place the kids can play and I know where they are.
 These pictures were taken right before we left for her Ballet and Tap classes.

I love the healthy glow of her face and her chunky monkey legs.  It reminds me to be thankful for all of our healthy babies.  Life is so fragile and I truly do Praise God for every one of our Grands.  Not just Olivia who happened to be here today, but for every child God has entrusted to our care.
Some of these pictures may be a bit fuzzy, but we are still learning the focusing attributes of the camera.


Anonymous said...

So well said! I love the has been so dreary here. So nice to see Spring!

Frizzy said...

Chunky Monkey Legs. Too cute! I know another little girl with those. Heck I know (ahem) another big girl with those. (Shhhh don't tell anyone.) Hope her tap/ballet class lifted your spirits like Yaya's does mine.

gramma2many said...

We are not allowed to observe. I take her and her mommy picks her up when she is finished with work. She lifts my spirits:)


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