Monday, August 30, 2010

Restoring Honor

Some Restoring Honor Pictures are posted at Grammasrightagain.
I had an amazing time. It is difficult to even articulate the feeling this brought to me. Unlike Chris Matthews, the tingle did not go down my leg though. It was more like a swelling in my heart!!


Frizzy and Bird said...

So happy to hear you had a wonderful time! Looks like you might have really tripped the lights fantastic. I hope what you did out there made a difference. Thanks

Tatersmama said...

I'm so glad... I'll do whatever it take to be at the next one - even if I have to walk!!!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I will meet you there Kate:)
It is our hope that we made a difference too. It was amazing how many people were here.

Patty said...

You were there?!?!?! I haven't talked to anyone who was there, just heard newsclippings...Way to go!

Read your blog off of Musings of a Mom.


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