Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Last day in DC

Today was Jesse's day. We had spent Saturday and Sunday going to the Rallies I wanted to go to so today we did what he wanted. He had had his heart set on going to the museums. We spent the morning at the Museum of Crime and Punishment. Boy that place can really suck you in. We finally had to start skimming through exhibits so we would have time to visit his other museum and also have lunch.
I wonder, have these been outlawed? Just thinking they could still come in handy with a kid that just does not think he/she needs to obey. Maybe they could be outfitted with a muzzle too.
Jesse thinking maybe he would make a pretty cool policeman. We left this museum at about one o'clock and went around the corner to a nice little restaurant called Camille's. It was a sandwich type place. Obvious from the clientele a favorite for the office workers in the area.
After lunch we walked across the block to the International Spy Museum. We were barely in the door and into the first exhibit when one of the workers came in and directed us out to the street.
The entire block was being evacuated. Seems someone had pulled a fire alarm. I must say the hundreds of people who poured out of the three buildings involved did so in a very orderly manner. I was very impressed. The employees are highly trained to handle a situation properly.
One of Washington's first responders who came to check out the buildings. Once we were back into the building, we were once again sucked in. This time into the life of intrigue. We did not emerge from this building until well after six o'clock. I was almost running on overload by the time I saw daylight again.
One of Jesse's requests was dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. On Sunday, he wanted to have a seafood buffet at the hotel. (Bad idea. They eat their salmon cold!) I made a deal with him that if we went to the buffet, we would not do the Hard Rock Cafe. However, once we were out of the museum and it was fairly late, I asked a police woman standing on the corner for a fairly inexpensive place we could walk to for dinner, guess just where she directed us? I could not say no to the boy, I could not remind him that we had spent our big dinner out budget on a crappy seafood buffet. No I could not. Besides I was just a little curious myself.
So, that is where we supped.
Jesse finishing up his watermelon lemonade and
Gramma finishing up her strawberry lemonade.

The only night Jesse got to swim was tonight. All of the other nights, we just came back to our room and collapsed. We were worn out from all of our walking. We did walk a lot today also, but we were inside where it was air conditioned. We did not come back to our hotel all hot and sticky. The two kids he is playing with were some other kids staying at the hotel. They were from Germany. The brother spoke very good English. The sister did not speak it as well. It was fun watching them play and listening to the brother keeping the conversation going between the three of them.
It is currently 1:15 AM here in DC. I have to be up and moving by 4AM in order to catch my ride at 5AM and be on my plane back to the Left Coast by 7AM. Probably should sign off and catch everyone once I catch up on my sleep sometime tomorrow or Wednesday. I must say, this has been a very enjoyable four days.

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