Monday, August 16, 2010

As I have said before, it has been a very busy summer

I really have let my Birthday honors slip by for the past two months. Will begin with my one and only, Stan who celebrated his big 64 on June 1. I actually did mention him in the May Birthdays, but it does not hurt to mention him again.
My son in law, Dave Hull, here baptizing grandson Benjamin, celebrated his on June 17. I think he was born the same year I graduated from high school. Love you so much Dave:)
Miss Chelsea Lynn #1102 turned 20 on June 19. She has been her Gramma's kindred spirit since the day she was born.
Abagail Evalina, the Romanian derivative of Evelyn, #6415 turned 8 on June 20. Abby is a very gifted child, drama queen, and dancer all rolled into one beautiful person. Remember Ab's Gramma loves you the most. Just don't tell the others:)
Brandyn Michael #4104 tuned 18 on July 3. He is an amazing person with a mind that never quits working. Gramma thinks he should be an attorney because he is the very best person I know to argue. Usually always right, but I won't concede that to him:)
Darian Evyn #2105 (notice the play on his middle name) turned 18 on July 14. He also graduated from High School this year. Darian is the family musician, artist and drama king.
His entire high school career was spent perfecting the arts. All to his advantage. Gramma expects him to do great things with his gifts.
Last but not least, on July 29, Angela Marie, my third child and I celebrated our shared birthday. Like Stan I turned 64. Angela was born on my 22nd birthday.
Happy Birthday one and all. I truly love each of you for the unique gift you bring into our family.
God has truly blessed us.


Therese said...

Happy Birthday to all! I love the picture of you and Angie! Such happy times!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to each and every one of you :)

Frizzy and Bird said...

Buon Compleanno a te! I love how you honor everyone in your family.

Anonymous said...

many happy returns to everyone!


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