Monday, December 28, 2009

On Saturday Evening

Stan and I went to dinner at our friend Sue's house. Sue is the blogger Homestay Mama. Her blog is called Home to the World. She has hosted dozens of international students in her home over the years. Even giving our son in law Sebastian a place to rest his head before he was a part of our family.Our friends Mansur and Nahid were there also with their family. Pictured above is Sue, Mansur's mother Marji and their daughter Rebecca. They are from Persia. His mother just arrived two weeks ago for an extended stay (visit). Can you imagine being a Persian and trying to get a visa to visit? Luckily she had obtained a green card on an earlier trip here so she is able to come and go at will.
In this picture are Nahid and Sue. Sue was taking a picture of our delicious meal. We had salmon, coleslaw, green beans and endamine salad. Nahid prepared a delicious Persian dish of rice (in the picture) and a stew type mixture you put over it. It was beef with many greens and an herb that is not easily available here in the US. I love trying ethnic foods and truly enjoyed the dish Nahid prepared. We had a great dinner, becoming re acquainted with Mansur, Nahid and family. They have been gone for a couple of years. The family had converted to Christianity several years ago and Mansur is a Pastor. He is currently without a church because they have been living in New Jersey while Mansur continued with his education. I had a great time picking his brain on doctrinal issues. He is a very learned man and knows the Bible frontwards and backwards.
After dinner we played a great game of Mexican Train, which is a domino game. It is easy enough to learn that even Mansur's mother was able to join in. The kids were much fun also and kept us on our toes during the game.
As we were leaving, we decided we would like to make this a monthly get together. Time for fellowship, good food, Bible Study and some game time too.
In the picture above are Nahid, Marji, Rebecca and Sue. Sitting on the floor are Mansur holding Matthew, me and Stan.
Thanks Sue for a great evening of fun and fellowship, along with great food!!


Homestay Mama said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, Gramma2Many, and the link to my blog.

Your group picture turned out better than the one I took, so I copied yours and pasted it to my computer! :-)

You were brave to try Ghorma Sabsi last Saturday night. Another Persian dish that I really enjoy is Fesenjoon (chicken cooked in thick pomegranate-walnut sauce). Maybe our Persian friends will make that the next time we get together. :-)

I really truly enjoyed our evening together and I hope we can make our schedules behave so we can all get together again on a monthly basis.

Therese said...

Looks like it was so much fun! I sure do wish we lived closer!!!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Sounds like a wonderful tradition to begin! Wish I were closer...



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