Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ELEMENTARY EPIDEMIC: 11 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama

ELEMENTARY EPIDEMIC: 11 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama
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Another Black Conservative

I swear if I attended a concert one of my grandchildren were performing in, and they began singing one of these songs, I would walk up onstage and remove them POST HASTE!!!
This is absolutely outrageous.
I hope you go give a listen. Just click on the above link, Elementary Epidemic. Some of them have been disabled, but not all.
There is one group of children, singing to the tune of Go Tell it on the Mountain.
Once again, one I cannot post on my other blog, cause I want to be sure as many as possible see this.


Sarah - Kala said...

I got the "servers temp. unavailable" message when I clicked on the link.

I have told my kids if there's any of that shit going on, to just leave. Let them call the cops, let them call home.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Well, see I have a slightly different view of this type of thing. When I was in high school, the first George Bush came for a pep rally at our school. And his enterage gave us anti-Dukakis signs and taught us to sing a little ditty that I remember to this day. "Hey hey hey, George Bush...You look so good to me...Hey hey hey..." (You remember that, Frizz?) So, anyway, I see 7th graders saying they can play football or get to school on time (HELLO!) or get A's. Yeah, there's one comment about everyone getting care, but some of this I think is innocent. I don't think it's all indoctrination. And to the point, he IS our president, I will show him respect and teach my kids to also respect him. I just don't have to agree with his politics. And I'm teaching my children WHY I don't agree with his politics. I pray every day that we would find ourselves as a country out of the mess he is making. But these videos don't freak me out as much as Obama's policies freak me out.

So, there ya go.
And I'm glad you found your way back to me!


"Hey hey hey hey - George Bush..." it's really quite catchy once you hear it...

Sharon said...

This is why I don't send my kids to public school. I want them to respect the President because he's the President, but that's ridiculous. I honestly don't think that Obama himself has anything to do with any of that crap; it's most likely teachers who think he's some kind of god and therefore the kids should too. (Wow, Karin, Elder Bush's folks giving you anti-Dukakis signs?? That's way over the top, and I would be upset about that too if I were a parent.) Plus, they're singing about how we're all equal, and I noticed a lot of "Gay or straight" references. My kids know what it means to be gay, and they know that we should treat people who are with respect just like anyone else. But I sure don't want any teachers or school administrators ramming the doctrine of "Gay and straight are the same" down their throats.

Chuck said...

There is a significant difference between respect and worship. This is not about respect for the President, they would have done it for George W if they were trying to show respect for the office irrespective of politics. These videos are indoctrination by the teachers unions, pure and simple.

I ask my kids on a regular basis if their school is pulling any nonsense like these videos. I will go to the school and rip someone a new one for anything close to this.

I also agree that the bit about Bush Sr was unacceptable. I liked him, he is one of my favorite Presidents, but that was over the line.

Frizzy said...

Karin, I do remember when Bush came to our high school during his campaign. It was crazy and the gym was packed. I'll have to admit my brain doesn't recall what we sang or who we sang about though. Feeling guilty that I don't.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I am sure that if Bush had appeared at my children's school and they had been taught to sing a song using the same words and references these children are being taught, I would have reacted in exactly the same manner I am reacting right now. My children are at school to learn the three R's and I will teach them about the Messiah at home or in church.


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