Monday, October 27, 2008

We are back in Kigoma

The drive to and from the camps was in and of itself an adventure.  Imagine the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.  Now times that by 5.5 hours.  Factor in other cars, often traveling the opposite direction in your lane or you in the lane of the oncoming car, bus or truck because your lane is impassable.  This is the road that connects Kigoma with Mwanza to the Northeast and Dar es Salaam to the East.  Once you have factored in the other traffic, you have to add the people.  Everywhere you look on the road there is at least one person.  Walking or on a bike.  They also use bikes as taxis, so you will see a bike with one or two passengers sitting on the back.  Often with a baby strapped to their back or a small child on their lap. If it is a woman, she will have something balanced on her head also. We cannot forget the children.  In the dirt yards, standing alongside the road, in the road, or if they are lucky enough or old enough, on the way to school.  If they are not going to school, they will very likely have a hoe balanced on their (her) head and be heading to the field.  Often with a younger sibling tied to her back in in tow beside her.  The fields are often away from the home.  I saw a few in front of the homes, but not many.  Not only is the other traffic and the people a problem, but you are also dodging goats and chickens.  They seem to be almost as numerous as the people.  Makes one wonder why they are starving.  Occasionally, you will see small herds of the skinniest rangy cows being herded down the road.  I really want to get a picture of them before I leave.  They look like a cross between a Brahma, with the big hump on their shoulder and a Texas Longhorn.  With horns up to three feet long.  I certainly would not want to be near one if it were angry.  One herd I saw also had a half dozen sheep in the mix.  they do not seem to roam free like I see the goats.
This was all on the road to and from the camps.  I will have to gather all of my thoughts together before I write you about my feelings and experiences inside the camp.  Most likely once I return home. I will say though, that what I see inside is not much worse than what I see outside.
Once again, thanks for the prayers and encouragement.  I love all of you.


Trish said...

whew.....I was getting worried.
I am glad that you are safe.

Still praying.
Still miss you.

love you lots!

Julie said...

so excited to hear all that is on your heart from the trip. May God continue to protect you on your trip

Therese said...

So glad you were able to post. We are still praying-stay safe!

Ronnica said...

Thanks for the update.

This is really exciting! God can use us for His kingdom work if we only allow Him.

*Chelsea Lynn* said...

i commented you back...


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