Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100 things about me

While Mom's away, those with her password will play! Mom asked me to get this to post today, and I just could not resist the urge to comment in the text!
1.I hate dirt!!! Dust Bunnies beware, I will get you!
2. There are three things you had better not dis to me. They are my GOD, my COUNTRY, and MY FAMILY.
3. I am the third eldest of 12 children.
4. I am left handed.
5. I have more freckles then anyone I have ever met.
Bree might have more.
6. I was a red head.
7. I was always jealous of people who had babies with red hair.
8. I had a favorite sister.
9. She had Downs Syndrome and went to heaven on Dec 31 1999.
She was not Y2K compatible.
10. She was 34 years old.
11. I lived in Alaska for almost eleven years and cried most of the first year.
12. I do not like Science Fiction movies.
13. I am not an animal person.
14 I will tolerate them, but not in my house
15 I would rather have a baby pee on my floor than a dog!
16. I like to knit.
17. I enjoy counted cross stitch.
18.I can only do it in the natural light now.
19.My eyes do not like working the small stitches in artificial light.
20. When Kris was sick, I was so terrified.
I was, too. Not so much for her, but for her boys who would be left behind.
21.I tried to bargain with God to not take her away from me.
22.I have tears in my eyes right now writing this.
23. Many years ago, a friend showed me the verse: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2Tim 1:7
24. I used this verse often when Kris was sick.
25. I am fearful.
26.Not for me.
27.I am always afraid God will take one of mine before I am ready to give them up.
28. My favorite Bible verse is Acts 16:31 And they said;"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.
29 Just like a kid I want something back for anything I do. So if I Believe, He will reward me with the salvation of my whole house.
30. I just love commandments with a promise.
31. I prefer the King James version of the Bible.
I like New King James or New American Standard. I do not like NIV or Amplified.
32. I tend to smother people around me.
Uh huh.
33. Get used to it.
34. I have very definite opinions, and everyone is entitled to them even if they do not want them.
35. I have a pre-born baby boy, Jeffery Matthew, waiting in Heaven for me.
I wonder if he knows my baby. Is he Uncle Jeff in Heaven?
36. I thought I would grow up and be a Nun.
37. Boy am I glad I didn't:}
All 7 of us are kinda glad it didn't work out that way, too.
38. I do wish I had gone to college, though.
39. Wanted to be a teacher.
40. Now I would be an accountant.
41. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
42.Without Christmas, we cannot have Resurrection Sunday.
43. I cry easily.
44. I blush easily.
45. I care deeply.
46. My husband and I met when we were 15 years old.
47. Our first date was on my 16th birthday.
48. We got married when he was 19 and I was still 18 years old.
49. We have been married for 43 years.
50. I hate working outside of my home.
I'm not that fond of working inside of it, either...
51. Couldn't have been happier when I did not have to work any longer.
52. I am old enough for Social Security.
53. I love to drive.
54. I love to garden.
55. My favorite garden annual is a petunia.
56. I take my grands to Disneyland for their seventh birthday.
Or when they are tall enough to ride the rides, whichever comes last.
57.Really it is for me.
We know.
58.They are just the props.
59. I dream of being able to go to Ireland.
60. I wanted to bike all over Ireland.
61. Now I will settle for just seeing it no matter how.
62. I have a hard time saying NO.
63. Because of that I often feel used.
64. My drink of choice is Coke. Real Coke
65. I force myself to drink Coke Zero
66. I used to teach sewing.
67. I had my own business sewing children's custom orders.
68. I messed one order up very bad. Still feel bad about it.
Musta' been stupendously bad for you to still feel bad after 20 years.
69. I want a little red Miata.
Me too. But thenI would have to hire a chauffer to drive the mom-mobile. Actually, that sounds really good.
70. If I could move anyplace, it would be somewhere very warm.
Sounds good. Lets go. But warm, not hot.
71. I hate to be cold.
I hate to be hot.
72. I have only one son.
73. So I have a favorite Daughter in Law.
She's our favorite sister in law, too.
74. I have five daughters.
75. Can't have any favorite Sons in Law.
76. I used to smoke. YUK!!!!! What was I thinking????
77. I am a very messy painter.
78. I need to paint almost every room of my house.
79. I started painting it last Spring.
80. Will get back to it this Winter.
81. If Stan does not do it while I am gone.
No need to worry on that one.
82. I hope he doesn't.
83. I do not like his color choices.
84. I want to learn how to spin yarn.
85. I have a spinning wheel.
86. I do not know how to use it.
87. I have several balls of unspun yarn.
88. I have opossum fur from Australia that I want to spin.
I wish I would have known. I could have brought you another possum...
89. I have enough yarn that I could open a small yarn shop.
Don't kid yourself. It wouldn't be that small.
90. I love paper products.
91. If I have extra money in my pocket and see pretty paper, I will buy it.
At what point did I become my mother?
92. When I am old, I am going to start scrap booking.
93. I said when I am old. Not yet.
94. I like to cook.
95. I hate to clean up afterwards.
96. I do not like to make salad because of the mess.
97. I usually buy Salad in a bag.
98. I like to try new recipes.
99. My girls think I am crazy, but I pull out my stove and fridge every week to clean under them.
You're right, we do. Think you're crazy, I mean.
100a. If I die unexpectedly, I want everything to be clean.
100b. I never leave my home for an extended length of time without cleaning everything.
100c. I have a very dry sense of humor.
100d. I will be in Tanzania when this posts.
Um, mom, you had your numbers all messed up....

In light of all that I am seeing, this almost seems frivolous but I cannot change the world. I know that and we do need a little laughter and fun so I will go ahead with the post. Thanks to all of you who are praying for us, we truly appreciate it.
Am very anxious to share everything with you.


Frizzy and Bird said...

Wow! I have trouble coming up with 7 things about myself. How long did it take you to do this list? Did you recruit any help?

Therese said...

I love your list! I see many things we have in common! And I love Gina's commentary!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Oh my, the commentary - and in red no less - it's like Jesus. Talking right to me. Seriously.

(Ok, maybe not...)

Great post, though!

Julie said...

that was great and fun to learn more about you...and your daughters...ha ha

Julie said...

that was great and fun to learn more about you...and your daughters...ha ha

Ronnica said...

Oh, this is great. Love the fact that it's more than 100, and Gina's commentary to go along with it!


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