Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Report from Africa

We will be leaving for the camps on Friday morning. It is a five hour drive to get there. Will stay until Monday when we will return to Kigoma for a couple of days then go on to another closer camp for a couple of days. The government is limiting the time we can spend with the refugees. We were able to get it extended a bit by a gentleman who lives here in Kigoma and must have a little pull. It did cost us about 10,000 shillings to get the extra permission though. I have been very comfortable up to now, but expect things to change for the next four or five days. The weather in Kigoma is a bit cooler than it was in Dar es Salaam. Yesterday evening at about 7 PM it was only 85 degrees inside the house.
Many of Msoshi and Rebeka's relatives have found their way to Kigoma to see them. I do not know how. I think it is a mystery.
All day and until I fall asleep at night I hear people talking. You can hear them down on the road in front of the house. It is actually about as far as Vista is from our house. There is constant talk and people walking. I also hear people in the surrounding area behind the bushes that surround the house. It is very interesting how the voices travel.
We are going to a church service this afternoon. It is in one of the African Churches and they have planned some type of welcome for us. In the evening we will go to another prayer meeting service that is primarily English speaking people. Mainly the Missionaries from around the area.
I am praying that my Malaria pills really do work because I am providing a feast for the bugs here.
Please tell Darla that I do not have her e-mail in my address book and that if she mails me at the verizon address I can include her in my letters.
Trish or Gina, if you want to post this for me on my webspace that would be fine, that way people will know what is happening. I have a few readers who do not read you who will want to know what is happening.
Gina, thanks for the commentary and fixing my post for me.
Love to everyone,
Ev, Evy, Mom, Gramma, etc


Frizzy and Bird said...

Be safe and ever vigilant my dear! Prayer for traveling mercies continue your way.

Gramma 2 Many said...

My deepest thanks to all of you who are praying for us. I am a bit nervous about the next four days, to say the least. Without knowing there are so many of you that are keeping us in prayer this would be almost impossible.
See you all in two weeks

Trish said...

Miss you, Love you and will be praying constantly.......

I was just picturing you sleeping on a mat on a dirt floor in a refugee camp and as ridiculous as that sounds I know you would do it if that is what God called you to do.

Love you lots.

Show them Jesus!

Julie said...

praying for you and that the pills work... and that you are a blessing to all who meet you.

Tulsi said...

I'm glad that you are over there now.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Trish, we could not sleep in the camps, but I have slept on some pretty dirty beds. Haven't seen a single Holiday Inn Express here. Not even a Motel 6!
Jullie, so far the pills have worked.
Tulsi, thanks for the encouragement. I still wonder what I am doing here.


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