Saturday, July 20, 2013


The climbing hydrangea I planted on the south side of my house.  It was just a scrawny little twig for so many years. Finally last year it decided to take off.  I think by next spring I will be able to guide it over the top of my gate and hopefully up along the fence.
Pepper and I were out on poop patrol. I can't help taking pictures of her. She is so darn cute.

I get so much enjoyment from my roses.  I remember a card someone gave my mom many years ago when my sister was killed in a water accident.  The front was a beautiful rose and the caption was that God gave us memories so we could have roses in January. Every time I look at my beautiful roses I remember that card.

Have to get a little Grandson love into the mix.  Great grandson Jayce David.  He is learning to get down off of Gramma's porch. He fell, but fortunately from the other side so it is not so far to go.  He insists on being outside and is comfortable, usually, with stairs. He negotiates mine and the ones at his house every day so I was a bit surprised when he did fall from the porch.

There is something so special about day lily's.  One day of absolute beauty and the next nothing. These are special because the came from the garden of Stan's sister and brother in law.  His sister Susie lost a very long struggle with cancer this summer. 

You know how you associate some flowers with people?  My uncle had a gorgeous hydrangea along side his house.  When Stan and I bought this house 12 years ago, I just had to have one to plant beside mine. I bought this one. It is on the east side of my house where it thrives beautifully. Two years ago though, someone thought it needed a hard prune. Someone else was just a little bit peeoed when they took a walk through the garden and discovered it.  It did not bloom at all the following year, but this year has made up for it.  That person has been forgiven.  This is my first hydrangea but since have collected several more, including a gorgeous white one. I had plans of planting a hedge of white ones, but never got beyond the original one.

Disregard the Gramma fat tummy and focus on the pretty baby.  Who could bring themselves to put that down? We sat like this for 2 hours while he napped.  Pepper right alongside the entire time.  She really thinks it is her job to watch out for the babies.

After our nap, a very happy rested boy.

A couple of days later, Great Granddaughter Miss Trynity came over to try on some shoes a friend had given to Gramma for her.  Unfortunately the feet were just too big.

Mommy tried real hard to get her to like them.

But she had them off as soon as she could.
Pepper keeping vigil out the front window.  Nothing gets past her. 
Prayers for a Blessed and safe weekend for everyone.


Madeline's Album said...

Your great grandchildren are adorable. The little dog is too. All your flowers are beautiful. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

Betsy said...

What a beautiful post! Your grandbabies are adorable and so is that cute little puppy. So sweet.

Crystal Mary said...

All beautiful photos...the baby Trynity and Pepper are just so lovely and so cute. You are a blessed lady. xx

Nancy said...

Evy, your posts always makes me smile! Peaceful feeling here! I feel like I can take a deep breath on your blog. Thank you!

Roslyn said...

Hydrangeas always make me think of my Mum & Grandmother's gardens. They had many hydrangeas and huge gardens. I have tried to grow them in the southwest but even in pots sheltered by the patio they do not thrive, just too dry and hot.
I remember the altars at church being filled with the blooms, so beautiful.
I did not know you could make themclimb.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Roslyn, it is a special kind. The flower in not any where as beautiful as the bush hydrangea.


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