Monday, July 8, 2013

Just a little retail therapy

On Thursday, I was having a terrible day. Alone and too much time to think. She is never far from me, but when I am alone she is right here and the hole in my heart breaks open again. I had to leave the house because if I am out in public I manage to hold it together better.  So I went to Value Village.  I love glass ware and little kitchen decor things.  I already had this teapot. I had purchased it years ago when a local store held a clearance sale.  Everything you could fit into a shopping bag was $5.00. You can be sure I fit this into the bag, along with lots of other things. The creamer and sugar do not match exactly, but they are by Mary Engelbreit as is the Teapot and have all of the same colors.  I paid less than $10.00 for the set.  Too bad I don't drink tea!

I also picked up this beautiful dish. I was amazed to find it is cut glass and not pressed.  A rare thrift store find and a true score.

I turned it upside down and photographed it this way also.  I was hoping the facets would show a little better. I have not found an use for it yet but I will.
Best thing is I paid . I paid about $4.00 for this!
I did not buy this chicken, but have had my eyes peeled for one just like this one for years and years.  During our neighborhood spring garage sale, I stopped at a neighbors house to chat.  She had a few things out, including this chicken.  Just being a bit helpful, I thought, I said to her that this is an antique and probably worth more than Garage Sale prices.  She said I was probably right as it had belonged to her Great Grandmother.  It is a very thick glass, not the thin glass you find today.  I asked how much she would price it at and she told me to just take it home.  I was delighted.  I told her it could sit quite happily on this Great Grandma's counter for a while.  I do enjoy chickens and have a few more, but have coveted one like this one for years.
Happy Gramma 

I have had this cute little wire basket for years.  A sweet niece gave it to me.
I found these little milk jugs and was pretty sure they would fit in the basket.  Originally, I bought just four but went back and got two more.  All six fit, rather snugly, but they do fit and I love them sitting on my island.  The little birdies are left over from the Tea Party I decorated for this spring.  Just had to bring them out to add to the vignette.

Shopping did take my mind off of things for a while, until I ran into a young friend at Value Village. When she asked how I was doing, the flood gates opened again.  My theory of getting out into the public did not work at all.  As we talked, I noticed a woman standing nearby and I could tell she was listening,  soon she too was crying. As she entered the conversation, she told me that her 15 year old daughter was killed in an auto accident several years ago. This "club" I belong to certainly has many unwilling members. You run into them every day.  All I can say is if you happen to run into some lady out in public bawling her eyes out, have a little empathy, she is not really crazy, she is probably me or another mother just like me trying to work through the hardest days of her life.


AlysaLouise said...

Love you grandma. Just remember she isn't gone forever, you will be with her one day again, hugging her, holding her, kissing her, and hearing her talk once again. And she will be just as beautiful and young as she was when she was here with us all.

Betsy said...

Oh my friend. My heart aches for you when I read these posts. And I know that our Father's does as well. He feels our pain and knows every tear. May you soon feel His peace to help you through very day.

You did manage to find some wonderful things while out for therapy.


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